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always covering up all the circumstances of consequences
♫ ‘Ello all~! I’m Lamentando, your local swing-in swing-out comm crawler. I don’t use my personal LJ for much, and even if I say I will, I… probably won’t. :D So anyway, thanks for dropping by to see what little I’ve got. I’ll occasionally post some graphics/icons, so please feel free to use them. (With credit, of course.) Most of my works are amateurish, though I’ve been doing graphics for nearly four years now. It’s quite pitiful, but thankfully, I have awesome people with awesome skills around me. I mod a forum called the Pokecommunity, and I avidly participate in their Graphics & Photography forum, and their Roleplaying forums. I prefer hanging out around communities, but I’m pretty shy in the presence of the masses. So please don’t bite my butt off if you see me somewhere out there in LJ Land. ♥
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♫ I’m of Taiwanese descent, but wouldn’t you know, I speak English like a valley girl. It’s an interesting combination, or so I’m told. I’m an obsessive participant in Student Council, and I enjoy singing, be it the National Anthem for the school basketball games, or with my school choir. I don’t aim particularly high, if you can’t tell, but I enjoy contributing to the things I love, even if I can’t lead them to save my life. Most of my life away from my desk consists of school and National Honor Society events, and the occasional time when I’ll actually hang out with a few friends outside of school. Asian parties are a constant happening, and as such, I have become an expert at getting my butt handed to me at various mini-games on the DS, and Mario Kart. So hope to see y’around, yeah? ♥
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