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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in Lamentando's LiveJournal:

Friday, October 1st, 2010
5:14 pm
【重音テト】If U Seek Amy 【UTAUカバー】
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likes: 103
comments: 112

【UTAU】 Matryoshka - DreaKo + Sachi Eika
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【UTAU】てってってー Yowori Kura
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comments: disabled

【UTAU】 Matryoshka - Kikyuune Aiko & Macne Nana
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comments: 61

[UTAU] Super Mario World Western Show
views: 1542
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comments: 70

[UTAU] Love Love Nightmare - Akuma
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comments: 26

【UTAU】I'll Give Up on the Internet (Parody)【Bekkah Damene】
views: 1115
likes: 82
comments: 50

Sadistic Vampire: Will version
views: 1071
likes: 9
comments: 22

【UTAU-PV】 Yellow 【Utaune Nami】
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comments: 42

views: 740
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[LITTLESTAR] ☆ "Tsumi to Batsu" 【UTAU】
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[UTAU Camila Melodía] Te Marchas [Original]
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【UTAU PV】 Matryoshka 【Shizune Neku and Kanochi Neko】 + English subs
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comments: 38

[MMD PV] Mozaik Role
views: 624
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comments: 19

【UTAU】Kaeru Reni - Coward Montblanc (ACT2 DEMO - Japanese)
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comments: 17

【UTAU】 Just be friends 【Hoshine Stella】
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【UTAU】 Matryoshka 【Shizaya Orijima & Arthur】
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comments: 9

[Imai][Utau] Gee ( Japanese Ver ) - Utaune Nami & SNSD ( Girl's Generation ) ( Download Ust )
views: 479
likes: 20
comments: 22

【UTAUカバー 穂歌ソラ+大和内庵】桜(コブクロ) SAKURA[Sora&Iori]
views: 441
likes: 4
comments: 4

【UTAU-PV】Adolescence【Kagene Himeka & Satsuki】
views: 417
likes: 17
comments: 17


Thursday, July 29th, 2010
10:39 pm
“Oi- stop it korr-“

His words were cut off by angry lips mashing up against his. Odd, Kasui had never seen SHUN this angry before. What a stupid thought. Kasui’s brow furrowed as he tried to shove his friend off- who cared if SHUN was angry? He was just about to kick this faggot’s ass, that was all that mattered. As he clenched his fist and reeled his arm back, a soft tongue slipped into his mouth like smooth silk- and the sheer surprise was enough to leave SHUN’s face unbruised for another few moments. “Mmph!!” Kasui snarled biting down on the tongue that was seriously invading his…. Personal space. Kamene Kasui was not Shun’s… Shun’s friggin’ boytoy! “Mmm!!! Mnnmph!!!” His angry words, muffled and indecipherable, just seemed to spur his best friend on further- the blonde pressing his lips harder against his protesting victim, mixing their saliva until Kasui couldn’t even taste the distinct bitter mint taste of Shun’s mouth. Fuck it all, Kasui needed to breathe! Didn’t this mofo ever run out of- Kasui took in a great gasp of air as Shun finally broke off for air, a trail of their saliva still connecting their lips. Fuck. Everything. Kasui brought his hand up to his mouth, glaring daggers at the teen on top of him. This wasn’t Shun at all. His dull green eyes were shadowed, and his brow knit together in displeasure. He wasn’t even really looking at Kasui- it was like he was staring at the brick wall behind him.

Well that was fucking dandy. Not only was Shun taking advantage of him, but he also wasn’t fucking appreciating the fact that he wasn’t in the hospital yet. Spitting out the bitter taste of tobacco and other disgusting drugs, Kasui wheeled back to throw a glare in Shun’s direction.

“What the FUCK was that KORRRA?!” Kasui snarled, grabbing the collar of Shun’s faggoty black t-shirt. Kasui was so ready to beat his face to a pulp. He wasn’t sure if he valued their friendship enough to resist teaching the arrogant bastard that nobody- [i]nobody[/i] messed with him, and certainly not in the fucking faggoty way that he had just been messed with.

Shun glared back- for once, more than just some pathetic pansy who could do nothing but run. This momentary surprise on Kasui’s part was his biggest mistake, as Shun pushed his knee between Kasui’s legs- pulling him in for another kiss, considerably more chaste than the one before. Blushing hard at the pressure against his length, Kasui made a half-hearted attempt to struggle, immobilized by his own embarrassment and the heat pooling in his midsection. Shun planted light kisses on Kasui’s lips- gentle touches that were considerably more charming than the full packaged deal Kasui had been graced with earlier. This was his fucking best friend, and he was not fucking gay, damn it. So then why was he getting fucking hard- at something as god damn simple as getting…. Touched there?! He shrunk back at the sensation of Shun’s fingers brushing against the fabric of his uniform, gritting his teeth and seriously debating punching the blonde right then and there. But then he’d be stuck having to find a way to fix…..

Fine. Whatever. God fucking damn it all!! Kasui shoved Shun off of him, pushing him across the dingy alleyway until Shun let out a grunt of discomfort at getting thrown so roughly against the brick wall. If they were going to do this faggot shit, Kasui wasn’t about to let Shun do whatever the hell he wanted. He was on top, and he was in control. If they were going to do this, then fuck what Shun wanted.

“Kah-“ Kasui cut his friend off, initiating a kiss that was completely devoid of any emotion- just lust. That didn’t seem to bother Shun much, which just irritated Kasui even more. What a slut. Not that that hadn’t already been established the minute the met.

Kasui had never done this before, but a mixture of desire and caution regulated him from just getting it all over with in one fell swoop. But the soft moaning sounds that Shun was making against his lips- very gay, very prissy, very girly- were fucking turning him on. “Mnnn- mph, ka- nnn….” Shun’s breathing became erradic, and his chest pumped up and down as he sucked in air at every chance, letting Kasui have his way with his mouth and lips, which were growing sore with how progressively rough Kasui was treating them. Twisting away to nurse his bruised mouth, Shun glared at his friend for being so ridiculously impatient. But Kasui wasn’t paying any attention to him, rather, his eyes were a ways down from meeting Shun’s glare.

“Ah-!!” Shun gasped as a cold hand touched his hip, sending electric shocks up his torso as Kasui shoved off the jacket of Shun’s uniform, tugging his black t-shirt up to expose the pale skin to the autumn air. The rough, calloused and scarred hands slid up the blonde’s side- around his back and then under his arm to brush across pink nipples which immediately grew hard. Shun sucked in, gripping the back of Kasui’s uniform to keep himself quiet. Using his other hand to move Shun’s body the way he wanted, Kasui bit and sucked on Shun’s neck, lapping up the metallic crimson that he satisfyingly brought forth with a pained gasp and moan every time. Served him fucking right. He could feel Shun’s erection against his now- fucking uniform wasn’t worth shit, and his pants were starting to feel uncomfortably tight.

“Kasui- Ka- Aaah-!” His name was breathed heavily through the air, enticing him to lean around and taste the side of Shun’s neck, burying his face in the baby soft skin. How Shun managed to keep himself looking like a poster boy when he did all that shit was beyond Kasui. “Ouch!” Shun flinched, shrinking against the wall as Kasui twisted the hard bud of his nipple, his entire body jerking and shivering as the harsh fingers continued to bully every inch. Finally content with the fact that Shun indeed was not about to complain about anything he did, Kasui brought his unoccupied hand away from it’s vice-grip on the pallid rocker’s neck- tearing his t-shirt off and sending his glasses clattering to the floor with the offensive black garment.

“Ah- Kasui my glasse- mmph!”

If there was anything Shun was really good at- it was making ridiculous girly moaning sounds- he never fucking stopped, and if they hadn’t been messing around behind a warehouse filled with drunk and high people who wouldn’t even hear a foghorn if it blasted right in their ears, Kasui was sure someone would’ve heard them and come to investigate by now. The sounds of Shun’s distressed, pleased, and lustful voice filled Kasui’s ears, each pleasant sound causing his member to burn. He wasn’t totally sure how to do what was needed- but he bet anything that Shun did.

Because Shun had probably done this with someone else.

The thought irritated him and Kasui twisted a little harder than before, biting down on the softer part of Shun’s neck more roughly than necessary and bringing tears to Shun’s eyes.

“Ou-Ouch!” He gasped, surprised as he tore at the back of Kasui’s jacket, squeezing his eyes shut as beads of salt water leaked out, “That h-hurt K-Kasui- hiiiii….” He stopped the sound of his voice as Kasui slipped his roaming hand down the back of Shun’s pants, feeling what was a firmer ass than he’d expected.

“I’m not a fucking fairy, of course it hurt.” Kasui snarled as he slid his hand teasingly around the waist band. Breathing hard, Shun had seemingly forgotten the entire reason why he’d been so angry in the first place. He snapped irritably in response, “Well you’re always telling me that it’s only right to be gent- wai- a-aaaahhh!” Shun slammed his head back against the brick wall as Kasui wrapped a hand around his length.

“You’re right huh.” Kasui replied bitterly, suddenly extracting his hand. Shun wasn’t appreciating this enough. “Well maybe we should stop then.”

Shun grit his teeth, glaring at his friend again, “That’s ch-“ He took a breath, swallowing hard through his overall incoherence, “Cheating!” A moment or two passed before Shun finally gave in, grabbing Kasui’s shirt collar and pulling him closer. Avoiding his gaze and feeling his face heating up, Shun slowly slid against the wall until he was on his knees. He’d done this before, so why was it so… humiliating to do it with Kasui? His hands shook as he unbuttoned the waist of Kasui’s pants, pulling it and Kasui’s boxers down in one movement- lest he lose his nerve. He took a moment to catch his breath- heart pounding in overtime as his heavy exhales blowing hot air onto Kasui’s shivering length.

“O-Oi- Shun you-“ Kasui took a sharp breath as he felt something wet and soft brush against the tip of his penis. Shun took one tentative lick with the tip of his tongue- a teasing pace that quickly grew too slow for either of them to stand. He kissed the tip before taking as much of the length into his mouth as he could. “Fuck!” Kasui slammed his fist into the brick wall, but his friend wasn’t listening as he sucked and rolled his tongue around the erection. Running his mouth against the parts he couldn’t fit into his mouth, Shun’s cheek pressed up against the skin of Kasui’s midsection, his hand pumping at whatever part wasn’t occupied by his mouth. “NNgh!” The sound cut through the rhythmic sounds of licking and rubbing and…. Fuck, Kasui wasn’t going to let Shun make him come before anything real happened.

Pulling the fag to his feet without warning, Shun’s surprised eyes were all but a flash before Kasui whirled him around, shoving him forward so that his smooth skin was crushed against the brick wall. “Kasui what you-?!”

“Tell me what to do, korrrra.” Snarled Kasui, pushing Shun’s pants down around his knees. After a moment of confusion Shun repressed a smile, finally answering Kasui’s demand.

“Your fingers.” Shun opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out a little to show that he wanted Kasui’s hand. The latter raised it to Shun’s face- confused, but whatever. Shun twisted his torso a little to take the index and middle finger into his mouth. “Mnn, nnnph.” He moaned without any particular meaning, arousing Kasui even more, combined with the hot red streaked across the pale face’s cheeks. “Ahh,” Shun wet the fingers with his saliva until they dripped, and after a moment, took his mouth away. Blushing harder than ever, the blonde mumbled, “P-Put them in.”


“Just do it!” Shun pressed his forehead against the wall, heating up with utter embarrassment, his shoulders rolling up to hide his face. God this was why HE should’ve been on top!

Kasui complied- clumsily, but enough to meet Shun’s standards after many “Ouch ouch not so fas- Owww!”’s and “Are you trying to rip me open?!”’s. Was it so hard to follow the angle naturally presented?! Did Kasui really have to just truck on in without care for whatever was in his fingers’ way? Shun’s frustration and tenseness melted away a little when Kasui gave him a kiss on the back of the neck. Even if it hurt because Kasui didn’t really know what the hell he was doing… even if they were only doing this because they were both frustrated and angry and horny… A best friend was a best friend, and Shun trusted Kasui to stop if he asked him to. That was more than he could say for the other men…

“P-Put it….” Shun tried his best to relax more- though nervous anticipation bubbling up in his stomach was making it harder than ever, “In- Kasui, in.”

“It’s already in, fucking bastard.”

Shun bit his lip, trying not to lose his patience. It was dwindling fast though- because he fucking need release, and Kasui was just being such a……… Shun let out a growl in his throat, clenching his fists before snapping, “Take your fingers out and put your fucking penis in!!”

He squeezed his eyes shut, utterly humiliated. After a moment of [i]extremely[/i] awkward silence, he felt Kasui nod and pull his hand out. Taking a in a sharp breath, Shun swallowed his anxiety as best as he could- loosening his muscles before he suddenly felt an intrusion in his extremely displeased ass- ouch!!! That bastard wasn’t even going to warn him?!?! Trying his very hardest not to turn around and smack his friend, Shun figured he’d better find something else to say.

“I’m- g-going to sound like I’m in pain, but unless I say stop, don’t!” Shun ordered quickly with the last of his coherent thought, swallowing hard as Kasui put his hands on either side of Shun’s bony hips.

Push. Shun let out a cry, his entire body shivering with pain as Kasui pushed in at the worst angle possible. No, not worst possible, but it was a pretty bad angle. Not to mention Kasui’s penis was… well, considerably larger than his index and middle finger combined. Ouch ouch ouch, Shun clenched the uneven brick surface, feeling hot tears streaming down his face as his own erection trembled. “Aaahhh ahh!!” Shun cried as Kasui pushed in deeper, figuring out the right direction slowly but surely. “OW!!” Shun screamed, a shudder running through his entire body as Kasui hit an odd angle and stopped, “Don’t-!! Don’t- stop, idiot!!” Shun shook his head violently, feeling the length moving inside him again before the skin of his behind felt the skin of Kasui’s legs.

“I-“ Kasui swallowed, “It’s in. And I ain’t no idiot korr-”

Shun let out the breath he’d been holding, “G-Give me a-“ He hiccupped through his tears, “S-second.”

Rightfully so, Kasui must have felt bad. If only a little. He leaned forward carefully and put a gentle kiss on Shun’s bare shoulder. After a moment- Shun finally sniffled, wiping his tears away with kisses on his face from Kasui smearing them yet more away.

“Okay, so move. It’s the same as if I was a- a girl.” Shun stammered, still trying to regain his composure, “And if you feel something in your way, that means your penis won’t go any farther, so don’t keep pushing!”

“I know that!” Kasui barked, feeling like he was being treated like a fool. Undoubtedly, he probably was.

Thrusting was considerably more pleasurable than the entry- Shun was quite sure Kasui had never had sex, but the strength and pressure at which the tip of his penis hammered into him was exhilarating- it helped that Kasui was strong to begin with. “Ah-Ahhh Ka-KAAA-AAASU--!” It was getting hard for Shun to piece together anything but Kasui’s name- it wasn’t like usual, where it started out slow and picked up as time went along. No, Kasui just started out fast, and while it was disappointing to release so fast, Shun was slightly glad. Anything slower and he might’ve had too much time to think about where he was going. Noticing Shun’s seed dripping off of the wall, Kasui pressed deeper. It was about time Shun let himself go- because Kasui was beginning to lose his own restraint with how tight Shun –quite unexpectedly- was.

“Ka-Kasui wait-!!” Shun felt something filling up and crowding his backside even more than before- and when Kasui slid out, it was far easier than it had been sticking it in. Shun’s ass dripped, and Kasui wiped a bit off with his finger, contemplating it before Shun opened his mouth invitingly. As Shun sucked off the liquid, Kasui leaned against him for support, feeling more worn out than if he’d just beaten up twenty goons. The feel of Shun’s tongue on his fingers felt good- but he rathered that tongue be on his own. He turned Shun around, giving him one last passionate kiss before leaning his head into Shun’s shoulder.

“Next time,” Shun panted as he struggled to stay up himself, supported only by his weak grasp on the wall, “We’re doing this on a bed.”

Kasui snorted, biting Shun’s bare back- hard. “Who says there’s a next time, faggot?”


Sunday, July 18th, 2010
9:34 pm

The voice of an angry male cracked through the air like a whip, sending everything in the vicinity into a wild frenzy. Owls hooted and flapped frantically in their cages, cats hissed, and first year students unaccustomed to the scene made every year on Platform 9 and ¾ stared around fearfully for the source of whatever had sent the entire train station into chaos.


Kamene Kasui, 7th year student at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was notorious for being loud, mischevious, and while he made life exciting, there was no doubt in everyone’s mind that his uncontrollable temper was what had left Gryffindor House in dead last for the House Cup for the past 6 years. Sporting a long mohawk, tattered robes that looked as though he’d been too lazy to go to Madam Malkin’s for a new fitting, and a sour look on his face, Kasui was anything but the kind of guy you wanted to meet in the middle of a dark alley.

And a little first-year was just about to find out that almost anything could imply that Kamene Kasui was a faggot. Korra.

“Leave the poor snot alone!”

Kasui’s snarl turned onto a blonde haired bombshell, her long, perfectly curled hair done up into a flawless side ponytail. “He didn’t do anything to you, you stupid oaf.” Karen barked, putting her hands on her hips.

“O-Oaf-“ Kasui stuttered, disbelieving as he forgot all about the shivering first-year, stomping over to the insolent sixth year, “Is that any way to speak to your senior?!”

“You BARELY passed, and that’s just because Shun-senpai helped you CHEAT.”


A crowd was beginning to form- sides being taken. “Tell her the way it is, Kasui!” “Good job Karen, keep pissing him off!” The annual showdown between Kasui and whichever student had the balls to take him on had officially begun. Except this time, Kasui was at a disadvantage because everyone knew- even if Kasui beat up boys until even Mademoiselle Takane had problems patching them up, he wouldn’t touch a hair on a girl’s head.

“Did too!”


As the battle raged on between Karen Mokkene, diva extroadinaire, and Kasui, number one gangster, sitting on one of the benches a few paces off from the crowd was the best friend of the very source of all the noise. With an amp as his foot rest, and his bass’ case as his armrest, Yuzune Shun was just about ready to ride out the rest of the argument until it was time to find himself and Kasui a compartment that wouldn’t send Kasui raging for the entire trip. It was odd that such a calm and complacent teen would find himself friends with such a hot-headed person, but if there was anyone who could tell what the eternally smiling Yuzune was feeling, it was the most unlikely candidate who had currently started a shouting fest over his Arithmancy grades.

A hiccupping sound nearly sent Shun flying however, as he nearly toppled off of the edge of the bench in surprise. Barely catching himself, he spun around to see a girl with a yellow jacket draped over her shoulders, peering down at him with slightly fearful eyes. “O-Oh did I s-surprise you? I-… I’m s—s----“ She began before her eyes began to water up, her words stammering uncontrollably and incoherently. In the blink of an eye, she’d suddenly scooted over to the farthest end of the bench, saying in the smallest voice possible, “s-s-s-sorry!”

Shun raised an eyebrow, sitting back up and choosing to leave his glasses askew for a moment longer to contemplate: When had she sat down beside him? Wait- who was she? For some reason, the fact that he should’ve known who she was nagged at him. It didn’t usually bother him when he forgot people- but….

“A-Ah no I’m sorry,” Shun replied in a bit of a panic when she covered her face with her hands, a gloom suddenly settling over her as she let out a little hiccup. “I-I must’ve startled you I just didn’t realize you were there-“

She lifted her face out of her hands, and it was apparent to Shun that he’d said the wrong thing by her swimming black eyes which looked as if he’d just went and broke her heart.

“Wa- W-Well I wasn’t paying attention s-so I-I’m not saying you’re…. n-not worth noticing you’re- uh, your hair is very pretty, and- and yellow is a very nice color on you!!” He tried fixing the situation as she continued to hover on the verge of tears. It was a tense and awkward silence for a moment before Shun finally couldn’t handle it anymore. He had to know. “Wh-What’s your name, Miss…?”

She buried her face again, sliding off the bench onto the floor making herself even less imposing as Shun realized that he probably knew her. Or should’ve known her. In one way or another. She- It-….

It wasn’t his fault she had so little prescence!! He would’ve thought she were a ghost if she hadn’t had such a solid veil of jet black hair!!

“J-Jimine Otose…..” She spoke, in a voice even smaller than before, “W-We’ve been in the same Herbology class since…. since first-year……”

Shun racked his brain. Jimine… Jimine….. Otose? …. Oh her. Shun felt his stomach sink. If Kasui was famous for being loud and obnoxious, then Otose had to be the exact opposite. “Oh-Oh wow, I’m really sorry Miss Otose, I…. it’s been a long summer, I completely blanked… I-Is there anything I can do to make it up to you? I-I know, why don’t you sit with Kasui and I on the train? I’m sure he’d like you.”

Her face stared dumbfoundedly at the platinum haired male before her- her tears suddenly beginning to recede as she tried to judge whether he was stupid or oblivious. Judging by the past six years of class together, she decided it was probably a mixture of both. If there was anyone who sent her into an uncontrollable fit of fear, it was that loud and violent man…. b-but nobody else ever invited her to sit with them…….

“I-….” Otose’s voice caught in her throat as she laced her fingers together, staring down at the floor, which was impeccably clean due to the convenience of magic, “I think that would be fine……”

Mentally, Shun let out a huge breath of relief, yet it was just the beginning. With Otose, it would surely be like sailing on a lake of oil with a single match in hand for the entire ride to school.

Meanwhile, the younger Yuzune had already claimed a compartment on the train, and was currently stretched out across the three seats opposite his favorite Aniki, to whom he wasn’t actually related- Mathieu Rosaire. Through a tag team of much bribing and convincing, Jun and Mathieu had managed to coax Aiko into sitting with them on the ride to Hogwarts- and Mathieu was in the best mood anyone could ever imagine him to be in.

“Oh oh, Aiko mon amour! Amour de ma vie!” Mathieu spoke without even taking notice that Aiko had taken to completely ignoring him. “Tu es ma joie de vivre!” She flipped through one of Jun’s magazines, used to being showered with indecipherable French phrases that probably had something to do with how much Mathieu liked her. The only thing that had caught her attention and enticed her to listen to Mathieu’s passionate confessions was the chocolate truffles he’d packed, and when he offered her one, she consented to listening to his foreign babble for as long as it took her to eat the truffle.

But, she’d since finished that truffle.

“Tes lèvres sont plus douces que le miel~!! Fais-moi un bizou mon- Ichiro!” Mathieu’s spiel was cut short as someone knocked politely on the compartment door, sliding it open as Mathieu twisted around in his seat to face the new arrival, suddenly speaking in flawless English, “It’s good to see you again!”

“It’s nice to see you too, Mathieu.” The gentlemanly Makune replied, “Mind if I sit?”

“Of course not!” Mathieu scooted closer to Aiko, who gave the notion a look of slight disdain. He patted the now empty seat closest to the compartment door, “We saved you a seat.”

“Oh, thanks.” Ichiro stepped in, looking over his shoulder when Jun’s voice piped up. The latter had sat up immediately upon Ichiro’s appearance, though seemed completely uninterested in him.

“Hey Blueberry. Where’s Cinnamon Rolls?”

With a sweatdrop at being addressed as ‘Blueberry’, Ichiro took a moment to peer out of the compartment again, “I think Hachi saw Deon on the platform. She’ll probably be with him for most of the ride…?” Ichiro blinked at the irritated look on the blonde’s face. It was only there for a split second before he switched it to a nonchalant one, leaning back again.

“Yeah, well good thing!” He snapped bitterly, spreading out even more on the remaining three seats, “I don’t think I could stand her for the entire ride!”

It was no secret to anyone but Hachi herself that Jun had a massive crush on her, and that the percentage at which she reciprocated those feelings was 0. Mathieu waved at his Otouto, figuring that right now Jun would not appreciate a pat on the shoulder, “I’m sure she’ll stop by at some point.”

“I said I was glad she wasn’t coming!” Jun stammered, glaring at Ichiro who cleared his throat, pretending not to hear the conversation. “Just because he’s older than me….”

“U-UWWAAAA I SAID KEEP THAT THING AWAY FROM ME LADY!!!” A slightly familiar voice bolted past the compartment, a blur of purple and white rushing past the door. Ichiro and Mathieu glanced at each other, before the former got up to open the door, just in time to see a bob of raspberry hair following calmly after the incensed Shoichiro.

“Looook,” A tauntingly amused voice followed, “He likes you, he just wants to play~” A mischevious smile spread upon the 7th year’s features, as Urschrei continued to taunt her younger peers. In this case, the innocently mewing cat in her hands was the key item- For the third year that had bolted past earlier had had the grave misfortune of revealing this weakness early on in his career at Hogwarts.

And seeing as cats were as common as wands….

As Ichiro shut the door, a familiar voice rang out- “Uuuu kitty nano da!”


Thursday, December 31st, 2009
2:30 am
He’d never been this angry before. Not in all his life. It was apparent that nobody wanted to help him. More accurately, nobody wanted to get in his way. They’d said things about the kids in Wang, how they all had horrible tempers. Nobody had ever really understood why Yi Ru was in Wang until now. The common room was all but destroyed, books that the normally sleepy and passive Yi Ru had thrown right off the shelves and blasted off the walls with powerful charms.

The hardwood floors were scratched and broken, the furniture gushing out stuffing like blood. A subtle breeze passed through the room, one of the windows having been broken when a chair had been hauled at it. The perpetrator- one of the perpetrators of the chaos stood in the middle of the room, hands supporting himself on an old wooden table, head lowered in both exhaustion and frustration.

What had incited this fury? The last person that anyone would have guessed. Yi Ru didn’t believe it. He wouldn’t believe it. All the evidence pointed otherwise. Everyone knew it was true- facts were facts and they couldn’t be changed.

But Yi Ru wouldn’t believe it.

Even if Mizuno was gone, even if Yi Ru had watched him flee through the night. There had to be an explanation.

He’s gone, Yi Ru! Gone to be the next- the next Dark Lord or whatever!

Running a hand through his hair, Yi Ru swallowed the lump in his throat and threw a dark glare at the wide-eyed spectators. This was the show of the century. Calm and placid Yi Ru, throwing a tantrum.

He wasn’t here to give them a show. He was here to prove his friend was innocent. Grabbing the underside of the table, Yi Ru wrenched it up, throwing it onto it’s side as it crashed with a final rumble. Best to get out of here before a teacher found him in the middle of this mess.

Sweeping out of the common room with one last look that dared anyone to tattle on him, Yi Ru practically flew to the Astronomy Tower, seeking the isolation and the biting winds at the highest point in Xing Guang. Knocking his forehead gently against the cast iron gates that barred anyone from accidentally slipping off the edge of the perilous vantage point, Yi Ru let out a sigh that was carried away by a gust of wind, his hair and robes whipping up around him.

A hand touched his shoulder and he stiffened, glancing at whoever had had the nerve to-

“… Lazaria-Koji.” He greeted her stiffly, putting his forehead back between the bars as he stared down at the lawn where he’d been proven all sorts of wrong a few hours ago.

The girl said nothing- for once- and Yi Ru couldn’t help but appreciate that at times like this, she seemed to be content to put away her crazy, if amusing, ways.

After a moment, he managed to pull up his gentlemanly façade again and looked over at her. Reaching over to brush away the hair whipping about her face from the wind, he managed to trap one strand behind her ear before scoffing at the lost cause, turning back to face the sunrise.

“Here.” Her voice came gently.


Yi Ru resigned himself to looking back towards her and looked down at the hot tea in her hands. He took it after considering it for a second or two, watching the wind push the surface of the liquid to his left.

“Mizuno, he-“

“-is a good person.” She interjected, innocently sipping her tea as her companion stared her down.

“Is trying to become the next Dark Lord.” Yi Ru finished, taking a sip of his tea as well.

Sai took a deep breath, letting the rare silence between them soak for a moment. “I don’t think we’re talking about the same person.” She stated, taking another one of those sips that prompted him to inquire as to why, her eyes scanning the orange and pink sky as if she were actually being subtle.

Yi Ru almost smiled at her antics. Just a little tug on the corners of his mouth. He sat back from the railing, leaning on one of the concrete structures that protected telescopes from the wind, which blew steadily, but not so hard that it was uncomfortable. “Why do you say that?” He asked quietly, staring down at the remnants of tea leaves at the bottom of his cup. Huh. He liked it when there were remnants at the bottom, but people usually strained it all the way out before handing him the cup.

“Well, the Mizuno I knew didn’t go around killing people in cold blood, so the one that goes around killing people in cold blood is a Mizuno that I don’t know!” She stated, as though it were plain as day, giving Yi Ru a thumbs up with her free hand.

The reasoning didn’t make any sense to Yi Ru, but it was better than his own reasoning. It made him feel better about the friend that had let him and everyone else go, too.

He let the smile crack through as he tried to stifle his chuckle. Craning his neck back he thought for a moment, blinking into the brightening sky.

“If you look at it that way,” Yi Ru commented, “Then the me that throws a chair through a window is a different person too. … Nice to meet you, I guess.”

“Nope!” She replied, finishing off her tea.


“Nope!” The answer repeated itself as she pulled out her wand and charmed a pen to press the button that controlled the collapsible rooftop. As it slowly unfolded itself into a clear dome cover over the platform, she scooted right up next to him, sticking her wand back into her pocket and patting her lap, “Because the Yi Ru I know falls asleep right after he does anything worth mentioning, and is ready to pass out because he missed a whole six hours of sleep.”

Yi Ru looked at her for a moment as the wind died away, unable to comprehend her totally oblivious smile. No, this was Sai. Definitely believable. Smiling as well, he reached over and pinched her nose. “You’re too close.” He moved aside, pushing her a little as well before he lay down. He turned his head and part of his torso to look up at her.

“This pillow is kind of bony.” He commented before turning back to get some much needed shut-eye. Before his thoughts began to muddle together, he heard her baffled and urgent inquiry.

“Was that a compliment? Hey- Yi Ru! You can’t possibly be asleep this fast!”


2:29 am
People pressing in on all sides. Mind rattling noise. A very strange, stuffy smell that made him want to fall asleep on his half-eaten dinner. With the heel of his palm support his head from falling into his rice porridge, Yi Ru let out a huge sigh. Joon was nowhere in sight, which made sitting in the Great Hall a complete waste of Yi Ru’s time and energy. Chiri and Mizuno weren’t anywhere nearby either- otherwise Yi Ru would’ve most certainly attached himself to them by now. He disliked being on his own amongst the masses.

And he was quickly reminded why.

“Yi Ru,” A girl plopped herself between him and the boy sitting beside him. There had most certainly not been enough space for her, Yi Ru noted, scooting as far away from her as he could manage, apologizing to the senior student that was getting shoved aside. He shrugged, understanding Yi Ru’s situation. “Did you do the potions homework?” She simpered, her big glassy eyes boring into Yi Ru’s uninterested face, “It’s so hard, I don’t understand it!”

Yi Ru swallowed the lump in his throat, glancing around for Joon. ‘Save me save me save me’ He failed to see his knight in shining armor.

“O-… Oh…” Yi Ru managed to choke out, nodding a little as he tried to think of how Joon would carry a conversation. “… Yes….” He mumbled, sticking a mouthful of porridge in his mouth before he had to say anything more.

“Can you help me?”

Yi Ru chewed slowly, swallowed slowly, and responded slowly. He didn’t want to talk to this girl.

“I… I’m really tired…” He mumbled, telling the truth and only the truth.

She gave a little offended look that said she didn’t believe him. “You slept through all of Arithmancy today!”

“… how did you know that?” Yi Ru asked innocently, tilting his head and trying to remember if he’d ever seen her before now. Maybe she was a classmate.

“Hey!” A familiar voice cut in, and Yi Ru stifled a sigh of relief, “What’s up Mei?”

“Yi Ru won’t help me with potions homework, and nobody understands it! Joon,” She whined, pulling on the sleeve of his robes, “Make him help me?”

Yi Ru glared at the hand on Joon’s robe, resolving not to help her no matter what she asked. The boy in question laughed, “Well maybe if nobody but Yi Ru does it, he’ll give us a break! That’s what I’m hoping for!”

“You think so?” She asked, flashing him a dazzling smile.

Yi Ru looked up at Joon and frowned.

“I’m tired.” Yi Ru announced before anything else could be said. He stood and grabbed his dessert and porridge, moving past Joon. “I didn’t get as much sleep as I should’ve. Professor Huang gave me detention at lunch again, so-“

“You couldn’t get your afternoon nap in, right?” Joon laughed, patting his friend on the shoulder, “Go on, I’ll catch up. Don’t want you passing out in the middle of the hall.”

Get out of this place, out out out. The highest priority for Cai Yi Ru at this point.


Yi Ru stiffened. Was some other girl flagging him down now? Oh couldn’t they just leave him-

“That was the last piece of pie!!”

“Yeah? It’s mine now.”

Yi Ru furrowed his brow and looked down at the burly boy across the table who was chomping down on a slice of blueberry pie.

“Give it back!” The girl demanded. By her size, she looked like a first-year. She certainly wasn’t bursting with youth like some guys had been hoping the first years would. She just looked really immature compared to the other girls who tended to pull him back and forth.

“I already ate it.” He stated simply.

Yi Ru averted his gaze and took a step forward to depart.


Wait. What?

Yi Ru furrowed his brow and did a double take, looking back down at the first year with disbelief on his face. Did she just say what he thought she said? She was that desperate for that pie?

“You can’t just take the last piece without asking anyone if they wanted it! I wanted it! So give it back!”

The boy stuck his tongue out, mushed pie and other unmentionables facing the public world as if it were nothing. The girl didn’t seem particularly phased by it, but Yi Ru was ready to lose his dinner. He swooped in before the boy could find anything more disgusting to do- like show the entire contents of his mouth, rather than just what was on his tongue.

Taking his own blueberry pie, he set it quietly down beside the girl who looked like she was ready to reach over and pull the boy’s tongue out.

“Here.” Yi Ru said quietly, “I don’t like pie that much anyway.”

As if he’d hit pause, the duo stared at him for a moment, frozen in mid-battle. Yi Ru shifted uncomfortably before taking his leave. No need to stay in the company of people like this for any longer than necessary. Though he thought he might’ve salvaged at least a piece of his reputation.

“Hey, hey, Blueberry Monster, what’s that guy’s name?”

“Uh?” Yi Ru heard the boy’s thick voice before he swept out, “I’unno. He’s part of some F4 thingy."


Thursday, August 6th, 2009
10:36 pm
“I’m not Kanna.”

She didn’t want to be some cheap stand-in for another girl. Did she even want to be where she’d was now?

Something as simple as that wasn’t clear to the teenaged girl who stood silently under her black and yellow polka-dotted umbrella. She’d clung to the person who stood beside her, sopping wet as if he couldn’t give a damn about the weather. Whether she was there, or wasn’t there had never mattered to him before. Never mattered to him even now. But now that she had seen a little deeper into who he really was… She began to doubt. When he saved her… or … some other girl in his memories?

She stole a glance at him, and he ignored it. …When he put up with her second-rate tuning skills, was he enduring her lack of ability, or someone else’s? Something like that… Something like that wasn’t what she’d wanted. She knew what she didn’t want, even if she didn’t know what she did want.

Just that one passing comment to assert her position in his life was enough to shatter everything. Everything that had been meticulously built up, delicately carved out of the most resilient stone; scattered across the floor.

Whatever she’d said before- how they got onto the subject in the first place, where she found out…. None of it mattered to him then. The only thing that occupied his mind was that she- in all her insolence, had brought up the one thing he never wanted to talk about. The name he never wanted to hear again. Did she think she was indispensible? That he could not go on with his life without her presence? None of that nonsense mattered. That much was apparent by the horrified look on the shocked man’s face. The disgusted look of repulsed anger that graced the person whom she had devoted the last few months of her life to. It was she who tore it down. She was the one who ruined everything. It wasn’t his fault, as far as he was concerned.

… What did she know about Kanna? What did she know about anything other than what was put in front of her spoiled self?

She stared down at the handle of her umbrella, not even regretting her slip-up as he gathered his shaking hand into a fist. I’m not Kanna? As if… as if he had been under the delusion that she could replace Kanna. Her? Her? This unattractive girl who possessed not even a twentieth of the gentleness that Kanna once had? This arrogant princess who would never nearly be half as amusing, or interesting to be with as Kanna? She… She didn’t even have the right to say that name.

“Don’t ever…” He began, in the strangled, venomous voice he used to his most hated enemies, “Ever…”

She looked up in his flashing eyes and let an expression that she never would’ve let him see if his sharp glare hadn’t turned onto her so unexpectedly. A face that showed that she was dreading what she knew was coming- a tongue lashing that would leave her in shambles later, perhaps with only the solace of Benjirou’s hand on her head, or Chiasa’s arms tight around her trembling shoulders. This was something that he would never see. The kind of inconvenience she would cause him if he had to hold back his personality for her own weak self… that was unacceptable. … Not that he would bother with a gesture as kind as that.

She immediately painted on her headstrong expression, thankful that he seemed not to have noticed.

He didn’t notice. He didn’t notice at all, because he couldn’t have cared for all the money in the world. He didn’t stop the arm that reeled back, and he didn’t hesitate to hit her. Put her in her place. She let out one of those pitiful, shocked sounds of disbelief at being struck before an unnatural sound of dull cracking gave way to an overwhelmed shriek of pain.

A black and yellow polka dotted umbrella rolled away, useless and unhindered as it tumbled down the steps. All was deaf.

Deafness blocked his ears as he shouted at the dethroned royalty sprawled on the stair case. She bit her tongue to stifle her suffering, but he made up for it.

“You’re nothing like Kanna! You’re nothing compared to her you little shit! All you can do is sit there and gripe about this and that all day. You think you have any ounce of her in you? You’re an ugly bitch who chases after every semi-good-looking guy you set your freaky multi-colored eyes on! You can’t do anything right!!” He yelled down at her, “Kanna…. Better if your fat ass had died instead of Kanna!”

The swords that had inserted themselves into her broken arm seemed to have disappeared and relocated in her chest. All this effort. All this effort, for this? Wide, golden and brown eyes stared in terror at the fountain, as if it were torturing her with views of her greatest hell. No, it was far better a sight than the furious person who towered over behind her- she would see the true hell if she just… turned….

A shuffling sound. He’d turned on his heel, putting his back to hers.

Don’t fuck with me, you worthless shit.”

This was heartbreak. That dull, deep aching feeling in the cavity of her chest. This was the truth. The twisting, sick throbbing in her stomach. This was pain. The numb, broken arm that the weight of her body was crushing even further. This was loneliness. The fact that she had been abandoned in this kind of situation.

Wasn’t this was what he had always been for her?


“I really am fine. It’s just a broken arm and a few other scrapes from when I fell.”

“Hmm, I see.” Benji smiled- that dazzling, sunshine smile that seemed not to understand a care in the world. She grinned back and gave a peace sign with her healthy hand.

“They said I can leave tomorrow, so don’t get too used to me Benni!”

Benji’s face fell, “What??” He turned his head towards the other bed in the room, where Yuzuki sat propped up with her arm in a plain, unmarked cast. He visibly deflated, “I guess that’s good. But I’ll be bored again.”

“Well I’ll come visit or something! It’ll be the same thing, trust me- I’ll bring you flowers and everything.” She assured him, leaning back on her pillows, feeling exhausted with the effort of hitching up her smiles and energetic attitude, “The doctor said you should rest though, so you should sleep! Go on, stop chatting and get better faster. Desserts don’t taste as good in the hospital.”

He turned his face back to the ceiling, sighing in disappointment as he closed his eyes, while she turned her gaze to the window. Did she expect to see Stryker, standing out there? Hah. That would mean it was a dream. That none of this was real and that she was still drugged, and when she woke up, she would have to pretend to one of her oldest friends all over again. She let out a sigh and looked down at her limp fingers.

“Who did it?”

Yuzuki started, turning back to face the blonde who stared at the ceiling wordlessly, his mouth hidden under the white sheets.

“….” Taken off guard, she stared for a moment. How did he know? “… What are you talking about?” She asked casually, feigning as if she had no idea what he was talking about.

“Your arm.” He stated, looking down at the worn white fibers inches away from his brown orbs and following their woven patterns with his gaze. It was quiet before he repeated his inquiry, “…. Who did it?”

She shifted uncomfortably before mumbling unconvincingly, “… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Then it was him.”

She clenched her good fist. Benji read her like an open book. Every time. Then again, if she wasn’t whining left and right, then it should’ve been obvious who’d done it. “It … it was my fault to begin with.”

There was a pause, and then he asked quietly, “And the other times that he made you cry. …Was that your fault too?”

A pregnant silence passed- minutes like hours; hours like days. Yuzuki turned her gaze away determinedly, willing Stryker to appear at the spot she stared to prove Benji wrong. But she didn’t want to see him there, and wished he wouldn’t appear. She wished he would never appear again. And yet…. Yuzuki clutched a fistful of white sheets in her good hand, muttering her answer quietly and guiltily, “… I wish it was.”

Benji lifted his eyes from the sheets, turning his back to her as he reached over for the slim silver cellphone on his nightstand. He flipped it open and began clicking away on the buttons, texting a message.

A moment before a beep confirmed the sent messages.

“…. Next time you see him, tell him the carnival is in town.”

Benji paused, not turning back over as he settled into his midday nap, “He’s invited.”


10:30 pm
I lost it.

Somewhere along the line, the crimson rain washed it away. The red puddles drowned it. The red walls caged it.

I couldn’t really tell you what “it” is. I just know that I don’t have it anymore. Since I don’t know what it is, I don’t know if I miss it. I don’t know if I should be glad it’s gone, or if I should be finding a way to get it back.

That’s what I think as I do my dirty work. I’ve caught an insect in my web. I don’t know where he’s from, but he’s not going back. Hooking up the last wire –store bought so that the real authorities don’t trace the bug back to me- I hop down from my perch and wonder if by doing this, I’m getting whatever it is I’ve lost, back.

I turn and look at the bug. His face is split open, his mouth a gaping abyss of a silent scream and his eyes protruding from their very sockets. Had they been in their proper place, one would’ve seen only the whites of his eyes- but as of now, they oozed blood and some… other substance that I couldn’t care to know of.

His nose was gone- all but sliced off by my wires. The gaping hole it left allowed a perfect view of all the things I didn’t want to see, and yet had exposed with my own hand. Hanging upside down and suspended only by the web I’d carefully crafted, his arms and legs stood off from the rest of his distorted body all at the strangest angles. Tattered clothes revealed the morphed skin, the exposed, burning flesh… he looked as if he were some twisted dummy strung up in Christmas lights.

No. I’m not getting it back. I’m sure of that.

I picked up his discarded cellphone in my gloved hand, dialing the magic three numbers that would save an innocent passerby from seeing this grotesque scene. No.

I dropped the phone and set my AT over it.

No, I wouldn’t spare this unfortunate cockroach that embarrassing fate.

He hadn’t given it back. I pushed down on my foot and the wheels spun, faster and faster until the cellphone was in more pieces than I could count.

He hadn’t given me what I’d lost.


Sunday, April 19th, 2009
6:21 pm
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